Research Space


Lunik is a variable dimensions research and creation space that combines artists, writers, architects and all sorts of researchers. It is a tool for creating trans-artistic, trans-disciplinary and trans-national situations aiming the development of critical thinking through the arts and the transmission of knowledge.


Multidisciplinary and international collective production situations


Lunik’s objective is the creation of multidisciplinary and international collective artistic production situations across countries, territories, history and its specific issues.

To do this, Lunik designs artistic situations to query the individual as a citizen and Art as an emancipatory process with an impact on its environment that allows the awareness of public space as a support (canvas) of polity.


Democracy issues within artistic production.


We truly believe necessary the knowledge of the issues from the past to better understand and act on the challenges of the present.

Lunik is interested in political history, the study of past events, the "reenactment", to better understand the challenges of the present and deepen the issues of democracy in creation.

Lunik is involved in the understanding of the European condition.


The pedagogical input of art as an auxiliary to democracy


We consider the educational theory that the students learn from the teacher as the teacher learns from the student as an auxiliary of democracy.


​Construction of living social sculptures


Lunik builds European partnerships and create social performative sculptures where each discipline spawn their way through the entire artistic production.

26 rue des Templiers
82800 Montricoux